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How to Recover Facebook Account Without Phone Number

    In this article you will learn how to recover facebook account without phone number.

    When a person has a facebook account, it is necessary to use their data to login. However, it is normal for people to forget this data over time.

    Precisely for that reason, Facebook offers resources for account recovery. One of the most traditional ways to recover your account is by using the phone number. However, many people do not have the phone linked to the account or do not have a phone number.

    With that in mind, in this article, you will learn how to recover your Facebook by other means. In addition, you will also learn how to recover disabled facebook account in just a few steps.

    Another possible way to get your account again is through your network of contacts. In this article you will check how to recover my facebook account through friends, quickly and easily.

    In addition, you will discover how to recover facebook password without confirmation reset code. This will make it easier to obtain your account again, without having to resort to issuing the code.

    Last but not least, we have prepared a guide with some steps you can take to learn how to protect your account on facebook.

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    Recover Facebook Account Without Phone Number

    How To Recover Facebook Account Without Phone Number

    Learn how to recover facebook password without email and phone number is importante for many reasons.

    To get back a Facebook account, it is necessary to use the same phone number used to create it or the ones you last registered.

    If you don’t remember your password or number, sign out of the account you’re currently using and go to Facebook identify page, through this link: https://www.facebook.com/login/identify

    You must fill in the data for the account you are trying to recover.

    How To Recover My Facebook Account Through Friends

    To continue the procedure for recovering your facebook account, you will be able to recover your network of contacts. To do this, simply follow the instructions below:

    If you’ve set up a security question or “Get help from friends” in your account, you can get them after following these steps:

    1. Select “I forgot my password”
    2. Fill out the account identification form
    3. Check the list of email addresses described in your account. If you don’t use to any of them, click on the link “Don’t have access anymore?”

    This is the most easy way to learn how to recover facebook account without email and phone number.

    Recover Disabled Facebook Account

    If you deactivated your facebook account, you still have 14 days to get it back. If that time has not expired then you must follow the steps below to recover it:

    Open the Facebook page and enter your email and password that you used to login.

    As you proceed, you can check whether the account is still available or not. On the next page you can click on the option “Cancel account deletion” to enter it. Then it will be possible to use it normally again.

    Recover Facebook Password Without Confirmation Reset Code

    According to the social network usage policies, the Facebook not able to send you a copy of your password without resetting it.

    How To Protect Your Account On Facebook

    Check out some tips to increase the security of your Facebook account:

    • Create a strong password;
    • Do not share it with anyone;
    • Enable two-factor authentication;
    • Do not sign in to your account on public computers or shared networks;
    • Receive login alerts;
    • Watch out for extensions.