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How To Recover Deleted Messages On Messenger

    Knowing how to recover deleted messages on messenger can be important in several situations and save you from some trouble. This is a feature available to users of this tool, but not everyone knows about it.

    Thinking about it, in this article we will teach you how it can be done in a few steps, simply and quickly.

    Nowadays, in addition to computers, how people are increasingly adhering to the use of Messenger on their cell phones. To reach users of different devices, you will learn how to recover deleted messages on facebook messenger iphone.

    We have also prepared a step by step to learn how to execute the same command from an Android phone.

    Also, knowing how to recover deleted facebook messages is something that can be useful when you accidentally delete a message and need to recover it. This function is available on cell phones, tablets and computers.

    To learn how to use this function, read on:

    How To Recover Deleted Messages On Messenger
    How To Recover Deleted Messages On Messenger

    How To Recover Deleted Messages On Messenger

    When we need to recover a deleted message in Messenger, it is necessary to consider which device we are using.

    This is right: each operating system works in one way and if you know how to recover permanently deleted messages on facebook messenger in one, it doesn’t mean that you necessarily know how to do it in the other.

    The main operating systems of cell phones that use this service are Android and iOS (Apple). See below how to execute this command on both types of devices:

    How Do I Recover Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages On Android

    To get deleted messages, you need to install another application on your phone.

    The application to be used in the tutorial is free and its configuration needs to be done only once. Follow the instructions:

    • Go to Google Play and download the Notification History program;
    • When opening the application, proceed with the explanation of the first screen and click on “Grant”;
    • In the open list, enable the “Notification History” key;
    • On the application screen, grant the requested permission again and continue until the end of the explanation of the program’s operation;
    • Now that the program is set up, just follow these steps to see the missed Messenger notification:
    • Open the “Notification History” application and tap on the icon at upper left;
    • Select the option “Today” or when you received the message and look for the notification in the list to see the content received;
    • Then you will see the messages that have been deleted.

    Recover Deleted Messages On Facebook Messenger iPhone

    Another way to check messages that may no longer be in your inbox on Messenger, is by checking archived items.

    Many times we end up sending the messages there without realizing it.

    If you have triggered this command and want to check if messages are archived on your iPhone, then just follow the instructions below:

    • Log in to Messenger;
    • Click on the gear to enter the settings;
    • Click on “Archived Topics”;
    • There will be a list of archived individual and group messages.

    That way you can check messages that are no longer available in your inbox.

    How To Archive Important Messages From Messenger

    Archiving messages is an option made available to users who want to give more security to a message or save important messages.

    This can be done in a few moments, and how you perform the action will depend on the device.

    On Android, just press the conversation and select “Archive”.

    To view it again, scroll down to the end and click on “Archived Conversations”.

    On the iPhone, swipe from right to left and click “Archive”. To find it later, slide your finger down on the home page.