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How To Recover Deleted Files From Android?

    In this article, you will discover how to recover deleted files from android.

    Photos, music, documents are just some of the files we used to store on our phones today. Imagine the following situation: you accidentally deleted an important file and you need it. At these times, knowing how to deal with deleted files is essential.

    Thinking about minimizing this problem, in this article, you will also discover how to recover files from corrupted SD card on Android.

    Also, another common question among many people that we clarify in this compilation is how to recover deleted files in android phone internal memory.

    Using this functionality, you can recover the lost files and contain the damage.

    Last but not least, in this article, you will learn how to recover deleted files after factory reset android.

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    How To Recover Deleted Files From Android?

    How To Recover Deleted Files From Android?

    Can deleted files be recovered from the android phone is a common question.

    • The answer is yes, but you have to follow these steps:
    • Download the Recover Files app, which is free;

    Open the app on your device, select what types of files you want to recover and the location where these files were: SD card, internal device memory;

    Confirm the process, then the app will show you all the files it found, and you can select what you want it to restore from there.

    Don’t forget that for this to work, you need to have rooted your files.

    Recover Files From Corrupted SD Card On Android

    If your SD card is corrupted, there are still possibilities to recover your files. In such cases, there is no need to worry, just follow the instructions below and then you will find out how to recover files on SD card android.

    • Download de Mini Tool software;
    • Connect SD card to PC and choose a proper recovery module;
    • Next, select the inserted SD card to scan;
    • At first, you will enter the following interface which prompts you to connect Micro SD card to PC;
    • Click on that SD card and click Next;
    • Choose your wanted files and click

    How To Recover Deleted Files In Android Phone Internal Memory?

    You can also use certain software that will help in the process of recovering files deleted from your phone’s internal memory.

    One of them is Data Recovery. To get the files back, follow the step by step below:

    • Download the Data Recovery program;
    • When finishing the installation, click on the Recover option; Now, you need to connect your Android device to your computer via USB cable;
    • You need to turn on USB debugging on your Android device;
    • Click the “OK” allow the program super user authorization when a Superuser Request pops up;
    • Then, click Start;
    • When scanning completes, all scanned data will be showed in well-organized categories.

    Recover Deleted Files After Factory Reset Android

    Unfortunately, when you reset your phone using the Android tool itself, the file recovery service is not available.

    This means that you will not be able to obtain them again. That way, if you want to protect your files, it is recommended to store them in the cloud, because that way, you will not have to worry about possible losses, since the files will be saved online.

    However, if you have reset your android from your computer, then you can use some software that will help you get the files again.

    Photo recovery is one of those programs. But it is necessary to download it on your device. So always keep your device in sync with Google, Samsung, or any account compatible with the cloud storage service.