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How To Retrieve Deleted Text Messages On iOS And Android

    We all know the feeling of deleting a conversation by mistake or searching through the phone for important messages only to realize you have lost them.To avoid experiencing this panic tomorrow and forever, I’ll show you how to retrieve deleted text messages.

    This one time, I accidentally deleted an important message and freaked out. The panic was real! However, I found a way to undo that instead of crying over spilt milk.

    Lucky for you, I’ve prepared this ultimate guide on how to recover lost text messages. Whether you’re an iOS or Android user, you may be able to retrieve the lost data by following the steps mentioned here. 

    First, we’ll go over the instructions on how to restore deleted texts on Android for people who prefer Android systems.

    Next, we’ll discuss how to retrieve deleted texts on iOS for people using the iOS systems. 

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    How To Retrieve Deleted Text Messages On Android

    How To Retrieve Deleted Text Messages On Android

    If it’s only been a few seconds or minutes since you accidentally deleted a text message or conversation, you may be able to recover them. 

    But first…

    Here’s what you should do before trying to recover deleted text messages.

    Sometimes, while we get all worked up about the lost messages, all we’re looking for is an appointment confirmation or a photo from a deleted text. 

    If that’s the case, you should consider checking your calendar and photo gallery. Often, your phone automatically syncs this information to these apps. Besides, you can always see if it’s convenient (and appropriate) to reach out to the other person and request a screenshot of the messages you’re looking for.

    If that’s not an option, dive right in to discover various ways to recover the lost data. Generally, the faster you try to retrieve the data, the better chances you have to do it successfully. 

    How To Restore Deleted Texts Messages On Android

    These are some tips on how to restore deleted texts on Android!

    Step 1: Put Your Phone on Airplane Mode

    You might not know this but deleting a text message from your phone doesn’t remove it from its memory immediately.  

    Oh, such a relief! 

    The relevant data is simply marked as “inactive” until the phone creates new data to replace it. Activating the airplane mode on your phone will prevent any new data from overwriting the text messages you just lost. 

    Step 2: Check Google Drive

    The next step is to go to Google Drive to see the date and time when your text messages were last backed up. All your phone data must be backed up on Google Drive if you completed the setup process when you switched on your phone for the first time after purchase.

    Here’s what you need to do to confirm data backup:

    • Open Google Drive.
    • Click on the “Menu” tab.
    • Choose “Settings”.
    • Select the “Google backup” Option. 

    If your data has been backed up, you will see the name of your phone on the list that just popped up. When you click on the device’s name, you will see SMS Text Messages written alongside a timestamp telling you when your data was last backed up.

    Check if the backup is from before you deleted the messages. You can also go to System > Backup to see when your device was backed up in general. 

    Step 3: PerformFactory Reset

    It’s not possible to retrieve the deleted text messages from Google Drive. Therefore, you’ll have to factory reset your phone so you can restore the last backed-up data on your Google account. 

    The general navigation is as follows. 

    • Go to “Settings”.
    • Click on “Reset”. 
    • Choose “Factory reset”. 

    After your phone has been reset, sign in to your Google Drive account to retrieve the backed-up data.

    How To Retrieve Deleted Text Messages On iOS

    Here’s how to retrieve deleted texts on iOS.

    Method 1: Use the iCloud Backup

    If your text messages are backed by iCloud, you can retrieve deleted texts in four steps.

    1. Select “Settings” and tap on your name or photo.
    2. Go to iCloud> Manage Storage> Backups.
    3. Check if the lost messages have previously been backed up. 
    4. Restore your device to the previous backup. Click on General >Reset > Erase All Content. 

    Once your phone has reset, choose the correct backup to recover deleted text messages. 

    Method 2: Use “Finder” on Your Mac

    If your data is backed up on your Mac, you can use Finder to retrieve deleted texts. Follow the steps below. 

    1. Connect your phone to the computer using a USB or USB-C.
    2. Open Finder.
    3. Look for your phone in the left column and select it. 
    4. Look through the data of the available backups and choose the right one to restore lost messages. 
    5. Click on “Restore” and wait for your phone to sync with your computer. 

    Method 3: Go to iCloud’s Website

    If you’re lucky and your carrier or territory allows iCloud to back up your text messages, you can easily retrieve the lost data by following the steps below. 

    1. Use your Apple ID to sign in to iCloud’s website.
    2. Click on “Text Messages”. 
    3. Look for the messages you’ve lost.
    4. On your phone, go to “Settings”, click on your name, and choose “iCloud”. 
    5. Turn off text messages. 
    6. When a pop-up appears, select “Keep on My iPhone”.
    7. Turn on messages.
    8. Click on “Merge”.

    Voila! The deleted text messages will appear on your phone! 

    Now that you know more about how to retrieve deleted text messages, get to it right away!

    We hope you found this information helpful. Watch this space for more of such informative and life-saving content!