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How To Check Phone Number

    Interesting how today we need to know how to check phone number, because with so many number tools recorded in our devices, we no longer need to remember the phone numbers as we used to do.

    For this reason, I selected some ways to help you to see how to check phone number and separate them here by subjects to show to you. There are moments where we forget our own phone number and when it happens, we have to find ways to know how to check phone number.

    We no longer need to remember the phone numbers as we used to do before and for this reason I separated a part to show how to check sim card phone number on Android and how to check phone number on iOS.

    Of course, the most part of this article is more directed to the new technology and about the recent or current number you have, but we can’t forget how to check your old phone number, maybe for a reason you may need that and don’t know how to do it. That part will be shown to you in the last title in this article.

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    How To Check Phone Number

    How To Check Phone Number

    To start talking about how to check phone number, it is important to remember that we live in a time of technology where we can sometimes (depending on the phone) have up to two chips in one device, which can even cause some disorganization and you and confuse about know, how to check what your phone number is.

    So, let’s try something that initially seems basic, but we don’t always remember the most obvious things. Trying to get an immediate answer you can see your phone number on the phone screen of a friend or family member, that’s right. Make a call to someone you’re with and see what number appears on the screen and copy it somewhere where you won’t miss it anymore.

    Another thing we sometimes don’t think about is the packaging of your SIM card. Remember that your phone number always comes with your operator’s SIM package. Make sure you haven’t kept this somewhere and look for that information there.

    How To Check Sim Card Phone Number On Android

    I’ll show you how to check sim card phone number on Android, so your users know what must be done to see how to check phone number from phone in a few steps.

    What is certain would be that phones with Android technology could make this information available, but it may happen that this information is not available, and you cannot see how to check phone number on Android.

    Let’s start the explanation with the following method for you to find your SIM number on your Android, those are a few steps that can bring the solution you are looking for.

    As a first alternative, open the “Contacts” application and click on the “Call settings” icon which is located on the upper right side of your screen represented by a gear symbol. There the first option that will appear on your screen is “SIM card & mobile network and click on it, after that you will be able to access the phone number.

    As a next option, go to the “settings” icon and in the search bar that will appear, search for “My phone number”. When giving the confirmation command, open the option “System”, there, click on “About the phone” and then on “Status”.

    But if you tried those methods described before and you didn’t see your phone number, there is a new possibility using an application called SIM Data Reader (ICCID – IMSI – MCC and more) for this purpose.

    How To Check Sim Card Phone Number On Android (Source: Google Play Store)

    Start this process by opening the Play Store on your phone, inside the Play Store, search for ICCID and choose the one with the description: SIM Data Reader, as in the image above.

    Once you’re sure you’ve chosen the right app, install the app and once it’s loaded click open, then you’ll be suggested to accept so that it can make and manage calls. Allow access.

    After performing all steps so far, the app will show the ICCID of the SIM (or SIMs) that are connected to your phone. Once opened you will have two different options and you can either share (illustrated by a three interlocking dot icon) or copy (illustrated with two overlapping sheets of paper).

    How To Check Phone Number On iOS

    For iPhone users I’m going to show how to check phone number on iOS. Below, will be described in a few steps about how to check sim card phone number to help you with this question.

    The first method is to go to your Phone app and tap “contacts”. Your phone number must be there as the first information on the list.

    Second: Go to “Settings”, after clicking on it, the option “Phone and My Number” to check if your cell phone is there.

    Another method is to open the app named “settings” on your iPhone, by doing this you will be taken to the next screen where you will click on “General”. As soon as the next screen opens you will tap the “about” option.

    After performing the previous operations and opening the next screen, scroll down to the network section where ICCID will be described. Your phone number will be visible right in front of this information.

    Here’s also a basic but important tip for you to save your number somewhere safe so you can check it when you need it. In this case, we can have this information, simply copy, and paste your number somewhere safe or print screen it, save it in a cloud or album in your gallery, that is, in the place you prefer.

    There is another way that can help you in case you want to know how to check phone number on iOS. Look at your old backups on your iTunes or iCloud and try pulling out a list of your oldest contacts to retrieve this information.

    How To Check Your Old Phone Number

    In this article I’ll show how to check your old phone number. A slightly less common subject, but still important for people looking for it, because when we change phone numbers, we can simply forget it or we may have left some information related to it, such as social networks, email accounts and so on.

    So, I would like to bring you 6 tips for you to try and be able to get information about how to check old phone number. Let’s check it.

    Old bills – If you are organized and have the habit of keeping old accounts, check if there is any information about your old phone not only in the regular account but also in your emails (if you have requested this service)

    Old Tax Records – It is also possible that you will find your old phone number linked to old tax records if you have ever used it for business purposes.

    Member information – There is also the possibility that you have signed a contract or hired service using your old number, so see if you haven’t used it in some of these past actions.

    Old SIM Card – Did you look for your old SIM? Yeah, see if you still have this chip, you might still have it and not remember, if you do, insert it in some phone and get this information from there.

    Asking to old friends – It’s worth bearing in mind that other people may still have your old phone number saved in their contacts. So, it doesn’t hurt to ask them if they still have their old number saved somewhere.

    Online Shopping Address – Another place where you can retrieve your old phone number is at the online shopping addresses, as we don’t always update the data entered previously.