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How To Check My Internet Speed

    If you’ve been wondering how to check your internet speed, it’s because maybe not only you but many people already had doubts about the contracted speed for the internet, both from your home and your cell phone. Also, because the contracted speed is not always the same as what you see on your device.

    Regardless of that, in this article I’m going to talk about how to check your phone’s internet speed if you want to know how the internet speed on your cell phone is, and also how to check internet connection speed on computer for PC users.

    We also do not forget to bring a method to those who’s asking how to check your internet speed on Chromecast. In case you are a user of this device, let’s face it, you will need a good internet to work well.

    There are also people who will need to know how to check for high speed internet in their area, and this will also be covered in this article in order to help everyone who needs to check if the internet speed is according to what you need or signed up for.

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    How To Check My Internet Speed

    How To Check My Internet Speed

    It is understandable to want to check how to check your internet speed or something else when in doubt. My internet connection is no different, sometimes I have connection problems and no reference to how to do this.

    There are dozens of ways to do this. Here, we are going to show some of them to test the Internet connection speed on your device, even without downloading an app.

    But first I should advise you to contact your operator if they are not complying with the promised contract, this can solve the problem of slow internet. They have a duty to resynchronize your modem if that’s the problem.

    However, to see an option about how to check my internet upload speed and how to check the speed of my internet connection online it is unworkable to connect your computer to a router using an Ethernet cable. After doing that, open your browser and go to the.speedtest website and Tap “Go”.

    This site will show you the details of both download and upload speeds and usually answer the initial connection speed question.

    How To Check My Phone Internet Speed

    For those who want to know how to check the phone’s internet speed, I’ll point out a speed test app to help you check your Wi-Fi and mobile internet speeds (which need to be working well for you to enjoy yours).

    I know that not all speed test applications are the same which can raise doubts about the veracity of the information and our sign of intern needs to be worth it.

    So, let’s start showing some options to check phone internet speed.

    For iOS users to know how to check my internet speed on your iPhone or iPad.

    You will start installing the Puffin web browser.

    How To Check My Phone Internet Speed (Source: Puffin website)

    After installing and downloading open the Puffin web browser.

    Next, go to the speedtest website and hit “Enter” to be able to access the OOKLA SPEEDTEST page.

    How To Check My Phone Internet Speed (Source: speedtest website)

    Opening the website page, click on the “Begin Test” button to start your device’s speed test.

    For Android user, that asks how to check the internet upload speed and how to check the internet speed test, follow the method described below:

    Go to the speedtest website and find at the bottom of the screen the enter key, click on it and then you will be directed to the OOKLA SPEEDTEST page. There, choose the option of the link that indicates for you to visit the complete website which is also located at the bottom of your screen.

    After that you will be automatically directed to another screen where you will click on the “Begin Test” button, wait for the reading, and see the results.

    How To Check Internet Connection Speed On My Computer

    Nowadays, with so much offer and technology, it is difficult to know where the real problem with your internet speed comes from. So, before you blame if it’s your computer, your browser, or your router, let’s see if it’s not simply your internet that’s slow.

    Here we’ll see how to check internet connection speed on my computer to try to help you with this possible question. One of the methods for you to test the internet speed using your computer is to do a Google search by typing: internet speed test.

    Probably on Google first page of where you searched, the available links will have the same purpose of checking your internet speed at that moment.

    When clicking on any of these links will open a first page where there will be a button (very self-explanatory) for you to click, after performing this action, you should open another page with speed information for downloading and uploading to your computer.

    How To Check My Internet Speed On Chromecast

    Before going through the method, we’ve chosen to see how to check my internet speed on Chromecast. Let’s make sure that the network you’re connected to isn’t connected to a network that many people are using, because that can slow the internet down a lot. But even so, it’s by checking the speed of this Google streaming device before connecting to your TV that you’ll know whether your needs will be met.

    To deliver a method for you, we decided to bring an App called “SpeedCast – Internet Speed test for Chromecast.

    How To Check My Internet Speed On Chromecast (Source: Google Play Store)

    SpeedCast is an application that is accessible to use. I cannot deny that it is very self-explanatory to use and test the connection speed of your Chromecast device.

    Also, this app brings information to Chromecast, helping with the best performing location to install your Wi-Fi router.

    Therefore, it is recommended that you follow the steps informed in the app itself. It’s important to say that for this the app promises that you won’t need to ask for any permissions, it’s free, doesn’t save user data and works on all Chromecast versions

    How To Check For High Speed Internet In My Area

    This is a really good question when you ask how to check for high speed internet in an area, because really depending on the area where you live different internet providers can be better or worse.

    That is, regardless of how much speed these providers promise, you should research carefully which ISP is the most suitable for you. After checking it with your internet provider it can be solved, but there are cases that it’s not possible.

    You can find some websites on google where you can check by your area. There, you can see an option to check by zip code, so you can check this information in websites like broadbandnow.com and inmyarea.com

    So, as soon as you identify which provider is better, also check which option is the best among them according to your need, because there are different types of internet being offered.

    It is recommended to consider which technology the chosen company comes from according to your area, if you live in an urban area, optical fiber is the best option according to experts, in case you live in a place far from a light metropolis in consideration of satellite connections.

    So, the final recommendation would be to choose according to which is the best option available near where you live, how much you intend to spend and what speed you need.