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How To Change App Icons

    Here in this article we are going to see together how to change app icons. It’s good to have tips for customizing our phone, computer, or both. But when it comes to something like icons, sometimes we wonder how to customize app icons?

    On the topics covered here, in the title how to change app icons I will start talking about being able to edit and customize our devices’ icons and let your screen.

    If you are looking for how to change icons on Android this part of the article will be shown an app that possibly will help you with that. So, take a look and follow the method to see how to change the app icon.

    For the iOS usuaries the tip about how to change app icons on iOS will come from a default app from the iOS system. I’ll show you how to make custom app icons, just stay tuned.

    I’ll also open a special part to try to explain how to edit app icons on iOS 14. As we know sometimes we think that some apps can work for both, in the case we will show here, there is a little difference.

    This personalization can also be done on PC. On the topic “How to change app icons on computer” I’ll indicate a program to do it, so don’t think it’s only for cell phones because your desktop can also get like you wish.

    I’ll finish this article by bringing a method about how to change the color of your apps with shortcut It’s a similar method when we compare with other methods already seen here, but there are differences, so, if you just want to change the color in this part I show how to change the color of your apps.

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    How To Change App Icons

    How To Change App Icons

    I know you’re here to see how to change app icons. It reminds me of when cell phones had such limited features, but the important thing here is that now  they are not so restricted and we can make our personal changes.

    Today we have apps that help us to do very important things, and for some people the estetic part of their device is important, and it really is. We are talking about something that is with us practically 24 hours per day where we consult several things.

    How To Change Icons On Android

    When the subject is how to change icons on Android maybe you find some option of apps. Here I recommend the “X Icon Changer” app. This app is an option to those who want to see how to change app icons Android. I hope you like the method I brought to make your personalization.

    How To Change Icons On Android (Source: Play Store)

    To start our method about how to change your app icons, please download and install the X Icon Changer app as you see above. Part of it let’s the image you want to replace for your new app icon saved in your gallery.

    • Open the app.
    • When you open it, all the apps available on your Android will be shown.
    • Select the application you want to replace the icon, in the tab “Photos” click on “Gallery”.
    • You will be taken to your phone’s gallery where the image you saved to replace the icon image will be.
    • on this same screen, you can also edit the icon name.
    • After everything is edited to your liking, tap the “Done” button.
    • The message: “Please go to the system settings to open shortcut permissions will appear on your screen, tap the “Go” button.
    • Click on “Other Permissions”, then click on “Home Screen Shortcut” and finally click on Accept”.
    • Go back to your X Icon Changer screen and click “Ok” at the top right of your screen.
    • Wait for it to load and your icon will be modified as requested.

    The best advice I can give you here is to choose and save the images as you want from the internet where you can find several options. But of course, it can be an Image you have also taken.

    How To Change App Icons On iOS

    iOS users that want to know how to change app icons on iOS, I have to say that possibly your cell phone already has a default Icon to make your changes. The app “Shortcuts” permits you to make several different changes, and here I brought a step-by-step method for you to see how to change app icons iphone.

    How To Change App Icons On iOS (Source: App Store)
    • Find and open the Shortcuts App.
    • Let’s start by selecting the plus sign “+” in the upper right corner of the screen, after that on the next screen tap “Add Action”.
    • Now go to the search bar and type “Open Application” and then select the link of the same name that will appear right below the subtitle “Actions”.
    • On the next screen, click on the word “Choose”, then select the application you would like to make your personalization.
    • Back at the “New Shortcut” screen click on the three dots at the top right, in this new screen edit the name of your new icon and then click on the option “Add to Home Screen”.
    • Click on the “Add” button.

    Here is a very important part, you have to already have the image to replace in your gallery.

    • Taking into account the previous information, go back to the Shortcut app and there tap on the default icon, after that action will open three options to choose: “Take Photo”, “Choose Photo” and “Choose File”
    • Select “Choose Photo” (assuming you already have your image saved) and select the photo of your choice.
    • Make the edits allowed to better frame the image and tap “Choose”
    • With the icon you edited in the screen, select “Add”

    How To Edit App Icons On iOS 14

    The method used in How to edit app icons on ios 14 is pretty similar to the last topic, but with some differences. I’ll explain step-by-step these differences, we can start it looking for the Shortcuts default app (like you can see below) on your iPhone 14 and open it to get how to change app icons ios 14 properly.

    How To Edit App Icons On iOS 14 (Source: App Store)
    • When opening the application, some options will be shown in the “My Shortcuts” screen, however, you will scroll down to the bottom of the page and there you see the option “Create Shortcut”.
    • Click the “+” icon within that option.
    • On the next screen, you will see again the “+” sign followed by the information “Add Action”. On the bottom of the screen there is a space written “Search for Apps and actions”, tap on it.
    • You will be directed to another screen where there will be some icons like “Apps”, “Favorites”, “Scripting”, etc. Click on the “Apps” option.
    • Your next action will be to click on the “Open Apps”. The information “Open” will appear, besides “Choose” and below an icon with the plus sign “+”. Click on the “+” sign.
    • A list of your apps will be available for you to select your chosen one.
    • The name of the App you choose will now appear in place of the word “Choose” as we saw two topics ago. On this screen click on the “Done” option in the upper right corner of the screen.
    • Choose a name for your app and click “Done” again.
    • Now this new action you created will appear with the edited name on the home screen (“My Shortcuts”). In this newly created button, click on the three dots.
    • On the next screen click on the “Share” icon located at the bottom right of the screen, represented by a square with an up arrow.
    • On the next screen click on “Add to Home Screen” and then you can rename your application, still on this screen click on the icon image to replace the image. from the original image of the chosen app in your gallery to be able to replace it now. If you haven’t done it yet, now is the time).
    • Once this is done choose the option “Choose Photo”, you will be directed to the image saved in your device. On this screen, you can Zoom in or out to frame your image, now that everything is fine click on the “Choose” button.
    • Tap on the “Add” button on the top right of the screen.
    • Now confirm your new app with your new image and it should look just like you edited it.

    Now with this method about how to edit app icons you can personalise your entire home screen.

    How To Change App Icons On Computer

    It can be satisfying when we learn how to change app icons on computer. To personalize our desktop I brought a website that can help you to do that. Follow the steps and enjoy it.

    How To Change App Icons On Computer (Source: Print Screen On Site Oficial ICOConvert)

    Here we’ll start by modifying our image appropriately to replace it with the icon image we want to change using the iconconvert.

    • The first thing to do is to save the image you would like to have in the icon you are going to choose.
    • After that, go to icoconvert.com
    • On the main page, on Step 1 “Upload an Image”, click on the button “Choose File”.
    • Choose the image you had saved and click on “Open” (the file’s name should appear on the front of the “Choose File” button.
    • Then click on “Upload”.
    • In Step 2 “Crop your Image” your image should be shown up on the same page below.
    • Below that image in Step 3 “Apply Styles (Optional), click on “Select all” after some optional frames.
    • Then, mark the “Custom Sizes” on step 4: “Select the Icon Format”.
    • In step 5 “Convert on Download” click on the “PNG to ICO” button.
    • After that, a new page is going to be opened where you must click on the “Upload Images” to find the image and click on “Open”. The image will be uploaded, then click on “Convert Now” and then click on “Download”. Your image is already converted and ready to be on the Incon you will choose.
    • Now, find the app you want to edit the image and click with the right button on your mouse.
    • Go to properties (the last option) click on it and press “Change Icon” button, press the “Browse” and find the image you already converted and click on “Open”
    • The new icon image will be displayed in the “Change Icon”, below this window press the “Ok” button, and then press “Ok” again.
    • And that is it, your Icon will change to another one you chose.

    I hope you liked the method about how to change the picture of an app on your computer.

    How To Change The Color Of Your Apps With Shortcut

    If you just want to know how to change the color of your apps with shortcut  it’s going to be different depending on the device. The iOS system already has an App for this, but the Android doesn’t. For this reason I decided to separate the method by devices here. Let’s see what to do to understand how to change the color of your apps.


    • Go to the Shortcuts App as shown in the “How to change app icons on iOS”
    • Open the Shortcuts App and click on the “+” icon on the top right corner of the screen.
    • Then, type “Open app” on the search bar.
    • On that next page click on the “Choose” button.
    • Select the app you are editing.
    • Then press the “Setting” icon.
    • Now, select the “Untitled Shortcut” type a name for your new app, and click “Done”
    • Now click on the “Icon”, choose a color in the “Color” tab, choose a new icon on the “Glyph” tab and after tap “Done”.
    • Click on ”Add to Home Screen” and the app will be there with a new color in a new Shortcut.


    For Android we’ll also use the X Icon Changer App as shown in the “How to change icons on Android” topic. Here the first thing you’re going to do is, find the icon color you want on the internet and save it in your gallery.

    • Open the X Icon Changer App.
    • On the first screen choose the icon you want to change the image.
    • On the “Library” tab, you have some options with different colors to choose, in case you like some.
    • To replace the image (that you already have saved) tap on the “Photo” tab, and then select “Gallery”. There you find some frame options in the bottom.
    • Choose the photo in your gallery and tap “Done” and then “Ok”.
    • After downloading, you click on “Add” on the “Add to home screen” message.
    • And there you go! Your ican’s image should be changed.